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Founded in 1961, we offer a wide array of open and closed hole services. Call or email for a free consultation and estimate.
Our Services
Cased hole, open hole and Fluid Depression testing.
Our Locations
We serve Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri...
Cornish Wireline celebrates 48 years of business.

Wireline Services Include Open Hole, Cased Hole & Fluid Depression
Our Open Hole and Case Hole services provide reliable, accurateand efficient formation evaluations. Clientshave daily access to our online services, Data Portal,Log Charts and Service Evaluations.This open access allows staff and clients to analyze and evaluate logs daily.

Cornish Wireline also offers detailed Fluid Depression Testing on injection and disposal wells.

wireline servicesOur team goes out of its way to provide our clients the industry's best customer service.  The key to our success in over 48 years of business in the Midwest has been meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations. That means 24/7 personalized service, clear communications, and flexibility in meeting objectives in a dynamic industry.

Call us at 620-431-9308 or email us for a free consultation and estimate.

Our Midwest Wireline Service Areas Include:
Kansas Wireline services provide accurate data daily
Oklahoma Open Hole services include daily log charts
Missouri Wireline & Fluid Depression Testing on disposal wells